The Woman and Her Accusers / 1871




This is an 1871 hardback edition of this little book. It was written by W. A. Muhlenberg, D. D., who was pastor and superintendent of St. Lukes Hospital, in New York City. This book was published in order to raise money for the Midnight Mission, a local woman’s shelter for women in prostitution.

This book is a sermon revolving around Jesus when he was approached in a local court yard with a woman actually caught in the act of adultery. There is also a poem, “Maggie” about a young woman who was a prostitute, and there are letters written by local Bishops urging their parishioners to contribute to the Midnight Mission.

More than anything this book is a glimpse of the struggles of this mission and others like it, at this time in New York’s history.

This book is in very good, but not perfect condition. Take a look at the photos, and if you have questions, please e-mail.


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