Beautiful Antique Quarter Sawn Oak Curio / Display Cabinet




This is a beautiful antique, quarter sawn Oak curio / display cabinet. I am not sure, but I believe that it was manufactured in the latter part of the 1800’s. It has two hand carved lion’s heads that were added later on in the life of the cabinet. They have the carver’s name on the back. It also has lion’s paw feet on the front and back legs. This cabinet has one large door, as you can see from the pictures. It has a key lock, but I do NOT have the key for it. It also has two beautifully curved side glass panels. The glass for the door is flat. All the glass is in very good condition. There are not cracks or breaks. The entire cabinet is very sturdy. It is 5-1/2′ tall X 4′ long X 18″ thick. Also, for whatever reason, I am not sure, but the top of the cabinet just sits on top. It is not permanently attached. It is not broken, the cabinet was made this way.

There are four(4) issues with this piece.
#1-It is supposed to have four (4) glass shelves. One was broken in transit when the piece was moved into storage. It can be easily replaced.
#2-There is a tiny chip in the veneer on the top of the cabinet, by one of the lion heads. Look at the close-up of the lion head and you can see it. It is tiny, about 3/8″ long.
#3-Also, there is a piece of veneer that is missing. It is where the lion head attaches. IT IS HIDDEN BY THE LION’S HEAD, when it is attached.
4-The last issue is that the two lion’s heads need to be permanently attached. Since it is going to be moved I did not attempt to do that. It should be a relatively easy task.

ALSO, I WILL NOT SHIP THIS CABINET. If you live close enough to pick it up great. My zip code is 75862. However, if you want to arrange shipping, that is fine with me. Just contact me and I will give you the information needed for the shipper.

This is a beautiful cabinet, and I am selling it cheap so that I can get it out of my storage. Take a look at the pictures, and if you have any other questions, please e-mail.



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