Antique Retsch Porcelain 13″ Oval Serving Platter / Wunsiedel, Germany


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This is an antique Retsch Company porcelain 13″ oval serving platter. It was manufactured in Wunsiedel, Germany, in the Bavaria region.  The area is famous for it’s porcelain. The company began business in 1891 and is still operating today. I am not sure of the exact age of this piece.  I cannot find the exact mark, or any other pieces of the china.

I have two of these platters for sale, each one separately.  They are both in good, used condition. Like the other pieces I have in this pattern, there is wear to the gold trim around the outside edges of the piece. Make sure to take a good look at the photos.

If you have questions, please e-mail.


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Weight 3.0 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 8 in


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